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Health and Nutrition

Try our NutraPhysical quiz to see what your body needs. Click the link to start                                                  

Today health and nutrition is so important. We all need to make sure that our immune systems are strong. Part of that is brain health, gut health, exercise and weight management. An active body stays active. I saw that first hand with my dad.

I'm sure that you have heard that todays food is not as nutrient rich as it once was. That is due to a lack of nutrients in the soil that it is being grown in. We as a society have depleted the soil and not replenished it. A bowl of spinach from 1950 today actually equals 15 bowls of spinach. I'm not sure if you've heard or not, but the pesticides they put on our food are toxic. So toxic that the people dispersing it wear HAZMAT suits. Think about that for a minute.

With the supplement line that I use and sell, we make sure that you are getting the absolute best product and the best absorption, 95% absorption to be honest. There is nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on supplements and vitamins that are being flushed down the toilet or not doing what they are supposed to be doing. Do you ever feel worse after taking your grocery store vitamins or supplements?

Our supplements are Vegan or Vegetarian, quality herbs, vitamins and minerals, not to mention the taste is wonderful.

Of course, I do have my favorites of our products, but they meet any need you have whether it is high/low blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation - which can be caused by foods, free radicals from high stress levels, low immune system function, digestion, acid reflux, weight management, kids health, and even anti-aging, etc.

Our products are tailored to you just as my massage services are and they go quite well together. They work on the inside while I work on the outside, muscles and tissues and range of motion. Both massage and our supplements, detox the body so water is a MUST!!! Our bodies are made up of 70-80% water depending on the part. Our Brain is comprised of 75%-80% water. If you aren't drinking enough water, then rest assured you will have brain fog or some other problem. Half your weight in ounces of water a day!

If you don't have proper digestion then rest assured, you will be experiencing some kind of dysfunction somewhere in the body. My job is to help you achieve the best life, with your optimal performance, productivity and activity that I can. If you would like to learn more, ask about my next wellness event. There you can learn what is best for you and your loved ones. You can also visit my website or click on one of the products above to learn more about our products. I strongly recommend OPC-3! I have been taking this product for over 18 years and I will take it until the day I die. It helps me that much.

Our Daily Essentials has all the nutrients and minerals including the OPC-3 in it along with Activated B-complex and Calcium.

Our Vitamin D3 also has K2 in it, which is amazing for so many things, brain health being one of the top things.

Our Vitamin D with K2 also is 5000 iu's versus some of the tablets you buy at other stores that is only 1000 iu's.

How can I help you get healthier today???

Most of our supplements are the same fluid pressure or osmolarity as our bodily fluids so they go into the bloodstream within 5-15 minutes. Most are also taken on an empty stomach to assure maximum absorption. Others are in a capsule form as that is best for absorption. I look forward to serving you and your health needs.

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